Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hold On To Your Liberty Folks, This Ride Is About To Get Bumpy!!!

Now, I’m not going to pretend that Harry Potter is high literature. However, I am amused by how the movie “The Order of the Phoenix” parallels what is happening today with the man who flew a plane into a building in Austin, TX. The “Daily Prophet” kept saying that Potter and Dumbledore were making up the return of “He Who Shall Not Be Named”. Yet, it is the authorities and the newspaper who were wrong.

It seems that this guy has appropriated much of the language being used by liberty minded individuals. He has haphazardly strung together many of the ideas presented by groups like, “End the Fed”, the “Tea Parties”, and even quoting the founding fathers. And of course by extension, anyone who supports movements like End the Fed, the Tea Parties or even supports candidates like Deborah Medina – are of course evil people out to kill everyone.

Alleged Suicide Pilot Posted Anti-IRS Screed

I find it interresting that only a few days after Medina is torpedoed by Glen Beck, we have a "crazy man" fly an airplane into a building in the capital of Texas. I'm concerned that he is using boiler plate "language of freedom minded people".... Yet as someone that believes in many of the things that Medina, the End the Fed, and Tea Party movements teach, I am a little concerned about how this is going to be used to harm Deborah. She is a great lady, and does not deserve what may be coming down the line.

How is this like Harry Potter you may ask? Well, if you look at everything that has been happening in the last week or 2, Medina's rise in the polls, Beck's inflamitory statements after Medina answered his question about "9/11 Truthers", the reported robot calls after Beck's show to Texas voters about Medina's answer, and the opening of the early voting in Texas on Wednesday. Now, all of the sudden, 2 months before April 15th, AKA "Tax Day", a man posts an anti-IRS screed on his website, then flies a plane into a building with Federal Employees in Austin.

So many things show that freedom is on the move here in Texas, so now we have this "event" to try to stop the movement. Afterall, if you support End the Fed or the Constitution, then you are just a crazy person waiting to kill everyone. We are all terrorists now. Great.


The Aardvark said...

"We are all terrorists now. Great."

Welcome to The World!

I have managed to miss the details on Medina, Beck, and 9/11 Trutherdom, but I did the Google thing and read the exchange. Wow.

I LIKE Glenn Beck. I really do. I think that his heart is in the right place, and that 91% of what he does (at least on Fox) is gold, That was a real "Have you stopped beating your wife?" moment.

I am NOT a Truther. I prefer not to think that my government would stage an attack on our own soil as a pretext for war, but CD, it would not surprise me were I proven wrong.

Beck's monomania on the Truther bit is gonna hurt him, and The Cause, in the long-run. He has really yo-yo'd on Ron Paul on the same issue, I believe. I fear that none of us are Doctrinally Pure enough for Beck, ultimately.

Word Verification today is "serfudge". It is nice to give candy to your peasants!

Cunning Dove said...

Hey Aardvark! I also am NOT a Truther. I recognize the past false flags, but they almost all seem to have been directed at military targets. I think this one more than likely falls into the "Sussex" & "Lucitaina" half truth events.

I mean, it is one thing to know the Natives are planning an attack, and another to know that the Cheyene are planning a calvary assult on Sept 14, 1875 at 12:02 pm.

My greatest issue with Beck is that he is trying to lump the people who are asking legitimate questions into the same group as people like Alex Jones who believes that the US gov. knew the time & date & stood down our defenses to allow the attacks to happen. Or on his truly space cadet days, that the CIA has been using hypnosis to get people to do things that are out of character.

Loony bin stuff like that makes life hard for those with legit. questions or alternate ideas. The MSM is so simplified that they won't examine the subtile or overt differences between the two.

The Aardvark said...

I had to emphasize "NOT" because in this climate, to even begin to think about indicating the possibility that all is not Sweetness and Innocency with our government re: 9/11 is enough to get you labeled. Kinda like saying aloud " It sure is cold this winter!", and having the Global Warming crowd roar back at you "DENIER!!!!".

Yeah, the tinfoil hat crowd are a headache, but "Coast to Coast AM" is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I miss Art Bell. He was not so open-minded that his brain fell out.

The Aardvark said...

I miss you, Cunning Dove!!!!!